Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Disenfranchised by the Democrats

Courtesy to Matt a.k.a. Bear, for the following article. Matts comments at the end are particularly poignant.

"Newsflash: Philadelphia Gains Population for the First Time in 50 years "Liberal registration groups have turned in so many new voter registration cards in Philadelphia that the City of Brotherly Love now has as many registered voters as the number of people over the age of 18 that the Census Bureau estimates live there."Republicans bought a copy of the voter file for Philadelphia lastmonth and sent every voter who had registered between March and Augusta letter congratulating them and urging them to consider voting forthe GOP. Nearly 10% of the 131,000 letters came back marked "Return to sender" because there was "no such number" or no one by the voter'sname living at the address. Among the other names returned as unreachable were people who were in prison or dead."Democrats dismiss the Republican letter campaign as a stunt and say there is no evidence that any of the invalid registrations would havebeen used to cast votes. City officials took the returned letters alittle more seriously. Edward Schulgen, a Philadelphia deputy citycommissioner, urged the Republicans to bring in their evidence so aninvestigation could be launched."But the city can do very little about the fake registrations beforeElection Day. By law, the city cannot remove names from the rollswithin 90 days of an election for any reason. Making matters worse isnews that Democratic Governor Ed Rendell has appointed former Kerry fund-raiser Mark Aronchick of Philadelphia to lead a team of 150 election monitors to assist counties with their vote counts. Republicans say Mr. Aronchick is likely to be more interested in boosting voter turnout by any means rather than investigating allegations of vote fraud. Philadelphia Democrats boast that they expect Mr. Kerry to exceed Al Gore's dramatic 350,000-vote margin inthe city. Given the city's swelled registration rolls of 1.1 millionnames, I'm not going to argue with their prediction.--John Fund

Matt Comments:

"Now follow me if you can... If I cast a legal and legitimate vote for Bush, and my neighbor casts two votes for Kerry, my one vote has basically been canceled out by the illegal vote of my neighbor. My vote has been taken away, and I have been disenfranchised and robbed of my voice in this democracy. This voter fraud has the potential to be and I think will be just as big a source of disenfranchisement as any voter intimidation. Both are illegal and wrong. But which one do you here about...?


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