Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Free Speech

Like J-Red's You make the call posts, I've decided to sart my own recurring category. I've noticed how often Dems cry wolf about free speech, so when I find examples of people redefining "free speech" to mean freedom from critisism or any other definition, I'll try to point it out.

From BOTWT, qouting a Newsweek interview with Desmond Tutu:

I was teaching in Jacksonville, Fla., [during the election campaign] and I was shocked, because I had naively believed all these many years that Americans genuinely believed in freedom of speech. [But I] discovered there that when you made an utterance that was remotely contrary to what the White House was saying, then they attacked you. For a South African the déjà vu was frightening. They behaved exactly the same way that used to happen here [during apartheid]--vilifying those who are putting forward a slightly different view.

So, to make sence of Tutu's ideas, let's paraphrase. "When I said things that people didn't agree with, they vilified me. If they believed in free speech, they would be quiet."
Why is it that liberals hope to silence speech in the name of free speech?


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