Friday, December 31, 2004

The UN dips to new levels of irrelevance

A few days ago the U.S., India, Japan and Australia formed their own coalition to coordinate tsunami relief. While officials stated that this coalition was in no way a rival organization to the UN, I suspect it is a not so suttle expression of these countries' complete lack faith in the UN.

After the UN helped perpetrate the biggest fraud in world history, I don't think I could blame them.

It is interesting to note that Great Britain was not a part of this coalition. I have no idea why, but it seems that they would have the most to lose in terms of international political capital. Joining the new coalition would only hurt them. By not joining, the US and other nations are not offended, but by joining the new coalition, GB has to deal with the French, Germans and Russians who will complain that they are undermining UN power. Simply put, GB had everything to lose by joining the coalition, and nothing to gain, for they are already our strongest ally.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger IMnotSocrates said...

It's about time that the International community starts acting without the useless UN! This is a new day, mates! And the USA is leading the way as usual! Right ON!


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