Friday, December 10, 2004

Martyrdom Is Good...but not for me or my family

From the Asman Observer (foxnews):
It’s bad enough to kill innocent life, but when you send others to do it from
the comfort of your mosque or living room, that’s an act of cowardice that
deserves the lowest pit of hell. One of these characters is a Saudi Arabian
preacher named Salman al-Awdah, who signed a declaration making it an obligation
for Muslims to join terror squads in Iraq.
Well it turns out that one of
Salman’s sons took his father’s call seriously and wanted to join up. The Wall
Street Journal reports that he wrote a farewell letter to his father saying,
“God permitting, we have an appointment with Paradise.” Well it seems daddy
wasn’t pleased with the thought of his son being blown to bits in Iraq, so he
called one of his buddies, a prince who’s the number two man at the Saudi
Interior Ministry. The secret police soon found the boy, who’s been kept at home
ever since.

This mans advice to his son... do what I do, not what I say!


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