Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Crazy Aunt in California's Attic

California's own, Senator Barbara Boxer has once again embarrassed herself and the entire golden state (as if San Fran's Mayor Gavin Newsome wasn't enough). Made the laughing stock of the blogosphere after she was caught crying during the electoral vote count and certification of President Bush a few weeks ago, Boxer thoroughly demonstrated a new low as she attempted to "nail" Condoleezza Rice during the confirmation hearing.

Captain's Quarters has a few great insights.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Thequestion said...

Boxer is exposing the skeletons in Bush's closet. Sen. Boxer has the courage to stand up to the tryanny of the Bush machine and demand some accountability. Rice is being sucked into the corporate buy out that bought Bush Ohio, that is polluting our air and water, and that is continuing the war. Boxer should hold up the vote for her confirmation.

How do you explain the war now that no weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq? How do you explain Halliburton's fleecing of America? How do you explain increased cases of lead, and arsenic poising, since Bush took office? There are no answers--only questions!

visit for the real truth.


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