Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A kink in the path of evolution

Wizbang blog has an interesting link to a NY Times article that adds serious doubt to the conventional view of evolution.

Here are a few sections from the article:

Purdue University say they have found plants that possess a corrected version of a defective gene inherited from both their parents, as if some handy backup copy with the right version had been made in the grandparents' generation or earlier.The finding implies that some organisms may contain a cryptic backup copy of their genome that bypasses the usual mechanisms of heredity. If confirmed, it would represent an unprecedented exception to the laws of inheritance discovered by Gregor Mendel in the 19th century. Equally surprising, the cryptic genome appears not to be made of DNA, the standard hereditary material.

The discovery also raises interesting biological questions - including whether it gets in the way of evolution, which depends on mutations changing an organism rather than being put right by a backup system.

This new finding substantially weakens the modern understanding of evolution.

Wizbang makes a poignant observation:
My argument about evolution is and will always be, that all you loud mouth people who accept as some sort of fact etched in stone that man evolved from some primordial ooze are just as religious as the people you bash.

He certainly has a point. I think modern scientists are so wrapped up in themselves that they find themselves incapable of expressing that they really haven't the slightest idea concerning the origin of man, let alone the Universe. In a very real sense, scientists and academics bend over backwards to accept any evidence or theory that might suggest man evolved from apes.

Scientists are so eager to find the missing link (a half-man half-ape species) that any time a skeleton is found which resembles a man they declare that the link has been found. Every single time, the scientists have to recant and claim that they only found a now-extinct species of ape. Here's a list of a few examples.

I witnessed a startling occasion of this academic fraud while watching a program on the Discovery Channel. On the program, scientists discussed a finding that could be the missing link. However, when they connected the hip and thigh joint together, it was apparent that the animal walked on all fours, thus dashing their hopes. I was wrong when I thought that this minor inconvenience would stand in their way, for all they had to do was grind the bone to its "original" position to allow a joint that would make the animal stand upright.

The famous find of "lucy" also lauded as the missing link, is contrived. The gaping hole in the skeletol structure is the knee joint, found 200 ft deeper and nearly two miles away. This is simply a case of putting a human knee joint with that of an extinct ape.


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Great post. "Darwin's Black Box" is a great book that looks at some similar themes.


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