Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Morning Bloggy Goodness

Here's a couple of snippets from the past few days' most interesting developments

The Pentagon has recently announced that the inmate who initially made the whole Koran flushed down the toilet allegation has since recanted.

The thought crime police is awake in Italy, bringing charges against well-known author Oriana Fallaci for defaming Islam. A few bloggers have retrieved the origininal complaint and translated the 18 "incriminating" remarkes from Oriana's book. The statements are now referred to as the 18 things you can’t say about Muslims in Italy.

Instupundit notes how EU election observers are criticizing Jimmy Carter's behavior and accussing him of undermining the Etheopian election results by making a premature blessing of the election.

And finally, several Tennessean lawmakers have been arrested by the FBI for bribery and extortion, in a sting operation called "Tennessee Waltz."

Peggy Noonan gives a thorough tongue lashing to the 14 Senators who broke away from their parties to make the judicial compromise. It's a must read and is titled "Mr. Narcissus Goes to Washington."


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