Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Durbin Apologizes

Senator Dicky Durbin (D-Al Queda) issued an apology last night over his whole U.S. military=Nazis, Soviets, and Pol Pot remark. Video and transcript can be seen here and news stories seen here, here, and here.

While the apology isn't great, it is a whole lot better than his initial non-apology apology which was more of a "hey, I'm sorry you're too stupid to understand what I actually said."

It's unfortunate it had to come to this, but as Will Collier notes "The forced apology doesn't mean much. The damage is done, and al-Jazeera isn't likely to tout Dickie's retraction with much vigor."

Chris Short adds: "Perhaps you should read your speeches out loud to your staff before you read them in front of America from now on Senator Durbin."

Just remeber folks, whatever you do, don't question their patriotism.


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