Friday, September 02, 2005

The Great Protector That Wasn't

Let the failed rescue efforts and coordination in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina be a lesson to all to those that think the Federal Government is the end all be all. The idea of the Nanny State taking care of it's citizens from cradle to grave (ie. socialism) has proved time and time again to be inoperable. The Federal Government is simply too large, has too many empty suits, and has too many buearocratic layers to move swiftly. Contrast this with pure milatary action after the tsunami, where our armed forces responded quickly and efficiently.

Where are the leaders? Who is in charge? Who is calling the shots?
After 911, President Bush asserted himself and we knew that he would act quickly to resolve the situation. Rudy Guliano was also a great leader at that time.

However, in the face of this disaster, there is a void of leadership. The federal agency in charge of disaster relief, FEMA, has proved desparately inneffective and unprepared. The Louisiana state and local officials are incompetent as well.


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