Saturday, December 31, 2005

Romney Watch '08 - Part IV

The presumed candidacy of Mitt Romney for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2008 has drawn a lot of attention. It should. Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts has been impressive. It includes reducing budget deficits without raising taxes and well-regarded educational reform. He also supported conservative work against gay marriage, despite running one of the most liberal states in the Union. Prior to his governorship he turned around the sinking ship that was the 2002 Winter Olympics and was a very successful businessman.

He is more photogenic and articulate than the President. His business acumen is arguably better. But there may be a problem- He's a Mormon!

Well, a problem for some, though not us here at RWP (We're Mormon too!). James Taranto picks up the issue where it is most applicable- within Romney's own party:

The trouble is that much of today's anti-Mormon sentiment is found on the religious right, a constituency that looms much larger in the GOP now than it did in 1968, or than it ever has in Massachusetts. Ask a conservative Christian what he thinks of Mormonism, and there's a good chance he'll call it a "cult" or say Mormons "aren't Christian."

Romney has dealt with these issues before, first as a candidate for Senator in 1994, and now as Governor. Says Romney:

As people got to know me . . . they accepted me for who I am, and religious doctrines didn't make much difference to them.
My policies in the public sector are not a mirror image of any church's doctrines. But of course the respect I have for American values flows from the faith that I have.

In my opinion Romney's conservative credentials are solid. The so-called "Mormon Question" is one that I think will resolve itself as we near 2008. Reasonable people will look at his record and be impressed. Anti-Mormon sentiment is largely based on misunderstandings and falsehoods. Time will tell.


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At 10:03 AM, Blogger J-Red said...

What is it today, the day of Mitt? I made my Romney post, completley oblivious to the Taranto article. thanks for highlighting it.


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