Wednesday, January 18, 2006

T-shirt Ideas

Opinionjournal has a very good piece on how celebrities get so manipulated by death row inmates. For those out of the news, Roger Coleman was convicted of raping and murdering his 19 year old sister-in-law. He was executed in 1992, despite his claims of innocence. some of his last words: "An innocent man is going to be murdered tonight." (He was probably correct, but I don't think he was thinking of some store owner killed in a hold-up, or a carjacking victim. Last week, DNA testing proved Coleman's guilt, befuddling anti-death penalty activists.
I really enjoyed this quote from James McCloskey of Centurion Ministries ("who had spent nearly two decades trying to prove murderer Coleman's innocence")
How can somebody, with such equanimity, such dignity, such quiet confidence, make those his final words even though he is guilty?

What? You're surprised that a murdering rapist is also a liar?!

Anyway, I got to remembering the whole save Tookie T-shirt thing J-red posted about a while back.
Picture this...
A simple black T-shirt, with the words Save Tookie in white print across the front. On the back, in similar print the words:
In Formaldehyde.



At 10:52 AM, Blogger J-Red said...

Where can I get mine?


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