Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wait! That's why they're rioting?

I've been extremely busy as of late, which attests to why I haven't posted in a while, so over the past few weeks, I didn't really hear much of the details regarding the rioting students in Paris. All I knew was that there was a proposed new employment law.

Well, after becoming informed of what it actually does, I feel its safe to say that no one should feel any sympathy. In fact, any right-minded American will have trouble even identifying with what the French youths are so concerned about.

Long story short, thanks to French socialism, France's economy is going down the tubes. In particular, current French employees are basically guaranteed job security for the rest of their lives once they are hired. As a natural consequence, this raises the cost of employment because firms are extremeley careful as who they will hire, not wanting to get stuck with a lousy employee. This means that younger less experienced workers who haven't had a chance to prove themselves find it extremely difficult to find work. So, to help remedy this burden of young students, Chirac wanted to change the law so that employers would be given 2 years to fire new employees under the age of 26. So basically, if you could survive the 2 years of at will employment, you would then be guaranteed your lifetime job security.

Of course, the mindless masses, only looking at this for less then five seconds saw "oh no, employers can fire people who are under 26, this is terrible."

Like a child who refuses to take medicine to cure his disease, these french youths are rioting to force the government to withdraw the new law, thereby perpetuating the conditions that will further ensure their difficulty to procur employment.


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