Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good Journalism

This is what journalism is all about. Slate published an article by David Plotz where he attacked Frank Rich for some comments he made last Sunday (9/10). Frank Rich is one of the worst commentators around, as partisan as it gets, and in this case downright wrong.

Rich mentions a photograph snapped on 9/11 and draws conclusions about what the subjects were feeling. Plotz disagreed with his assessment, and requested that the subjects contact him to provide their side of the story. One of them did and his response is quite different than what Rich imagined.

The benefit of Plotz work is that it shows just how twisted Rich and many of his colleagues are. His take on the photo was as negative and condescending as could be. But there is an even bigger problem- it is LAZY. In this case I am less concerned, because anything that undermines Rich's credibility is good for America.


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