Sunday, November 05, 2006

Predicting Tuesday

So I thought I would take a moment on this election eve-eve to give some of my predictions on the mid-term Congressional elections. I was curious to find prognostication from other conservatives, to I visited the Weekly Standard. I was fairly shocked by the pessimism displayed there, but suppose that I shouldn't be. I just don't sense this enthusiasm for the Democrats that they will need to take both Houses of Congress. They don't have enough to offer.

I don't buy the results of many of the polls. I think it is too difficult to get an accurate sample of actual voter behavior. I don't think a Democratic takeover of the House is a long-shot, but its not a slam dunk either. Too many times the prognosticators have been wrong. Or to be more accurate, the pessimists have been wrong. Wrong on so many things, from the 2004 Presidential election to the direction and vitality of the economy.

John Kerry's idiocy plays in favor of the Republicans. I think many Republicans have a sense of the danger involved in ceding control of Congress to the Dems, despite their frustration with Washington politics.

Vote Republican. Why? Orson Scott Card, a long-time registered Democrat, is voting Republican, again, and it is because of the issue that matters- the War on Terror. For more on his views, read his whole column.


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