Friday, November 14, 2008

Thougths from Louisville Cincinnati

Just watched the end of the game on ESPN2 and had a few thoughts.
  • Cincinnati's coach was being jerk about something. Refused to shake hands with the other coach. And his team won. Grow up, and set an example for your team.
  • After the game, fans of #22 ranked Cincinnati were chanting "BCS, BCS." How is it again that the ACC and the Big East have an automatic berth to a BCS bowl and the MWC doesn't?
  • ESPN2 was showing this doozy of an NCAAF game (sarcasm), and the ticker at the bottom aws showing NCAAWB scores, and then NHL news. Is ESPN2 really the station were they hide the crap that no one cares about?


Obviously haven't posted in forever. I'll see if I can keep this up regularly enough to make it worthwhile (for myself or for others).