Saturday, September 25, 2004

UPDATE / CORRECTION on Kerry's 97 "Crossfire" appearance

The Washington Times just published a correction. What kerry actually said was:

In reference to a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding access to Iraqi weapons sites, Mr. Kerry actually said: "I think that's our great concern [-] where's the backbone of Russia, where's the backbone of France, where are they in expressing their condemnation of such clearly illegal activity [-] but in a sense, they're now climbing into a box and they will have enormous difficulty not following up on this if there is not compliance by Iraq."

Later, referring to French and Russian reservations on the use of force, Mr. Kerry said: "There's absolutely no statement that they have made or that they will make that will prevent the United States of America and this president or any president from acting in what they believe are the best interests of our country."

While the language is different, the spirit of the comment and think is nearly identical.

See Mr. Rather, it's not that difficult.


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