Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Woman Sues GOP for Psychological Trauma?

Those familiar with my earlier posts on Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST) realize that it is the "comedy gift that keeps on giving."

Front Page Magazine reports that Barbi Weiner, a third grade teacher is suing the Republican Party for their role in getting President Bush reelected. She apparenlty suffered a nervous collapse after Kerry made his concession speach.

The day after the election Ms. Weiner was unable to go to work, believing that any minute the election would be called for Mr. Kerry. But once he conceded she went into a deep depression. "He just gave up. Just like that. No fight, no lawsuits, no dimpled chads, no recounts, nothing. It was the lowest moment of my life."

Ms. Weiner says her life has become very circumscribed since the election. "Before my breakdown I used to enjoy walking around my neighborhood. This is a very diverse area and it used to be such a pleasure to know that everyone you passed on the street thought about life exactly the same way you did. But since the election I have become very distrustful of strangers. Now I can’t be sure that the person walking next to me isn’t one of that 17 percent who voted for the war-mongering liar. I never know who they are, and I could be put in a position of having to speak to one of them. I can’t bear to go out any more. It’s so distressing."


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