Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Democracy in Iraq!!!!

A while ago, months before the US led invasion of Iraq, Bear and I decided to make a political statement. The whole thing started when a few moonbat students at our college decided to wear black armbands to protest the impending invasion. Bear and I felt that we wanted to express our support in the policy and decided to come up with our own pieces of political propaganda.

We cut out squares from one of Bear's old T-shirts, of which he had many, and wrote in large block lettering "Democracy in Iraq" and "Free Iraq." We then attached the pieces to our backpacks.

Since that day, I admit I grew worried at times, wondering if democracy really could succeed in the Middle East. There was incessant commentary on the Left, mocking the neo-con policies and ideology that democracy could really gain a foothold in that region. I have since come to realize that these apologists for tyranny have too little faith in human spirit. There is an innate desire for freedom, even in Arab nations and Sunday's election proved it.

I realize that there is a log way to go, and that the left will try deligitimize the election by noting low Sunni turnout and other factors, however, the one truism is that if given a choice, people choose freedom.

Seeing the smiling faces of Iraqis on Sunday, showing their ink stained fingers in defiance of the insurgents is a day I will always remember, and hopefully, will be the beginning of remarkable changes for good in that region.


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I had forgotten about that.


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