Friday, February 04, 2005

Yeeaaaaagh! Repubs Cheer Dean's Return

Yeaaaagh Posted by Hello

Just when you thought the Dems were finished digging there own graves, they went ahead and pulled the suicidal trigger. Howard Dean will likely be voted in as the DNC's new Committee Chairman, having received 250 pledges from DNC members, well over the 214 needed to win the election.

In my personal opinion, this wasn't a smooth move by the democrats. Since the Dems don't have control of either the presidency or congress, there is no national face of the Democratic Party to America. I would think the last thing they would want is Howard Dean to become the face of the party for the next few years. (of course they don't have many more options considering the choice of Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, or Ted Kennedy)

Of course I may be wrong if it is true that "the DNC chairman's job is to raise money, fire up the base and beat up on the Republicans every chance you get." If this is all that is required, then Dean might be a perfect choice, after all, he fired up his base so much he actually won the Democratic nomination (wait that didn't happen) and walloped the Republicans so many times they were afraid of the very though of him. (wait, didn't the repubs laugh at him?)


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