Saturday, April 09, 2005

Shameless in Seattle

One of the bigger stories to come out of the recent US elections, was the closely-contested, and almost illegitimate Washington state governor's race. It's not over yet. From politicaljournal:
Even Democrats who sit on the King County Council that governs Seattle and surrounding suburbs were slackjawed last Saturday when they learned from their newspapers that 93 more unopened mail ballots had just been discovered five months after the state's photo-finish election for governor. After two recounts, Democrat Christine Gregoire was sworn in on the basis of a 129-vote disputed
victory. A Chelan County judge will hold a hearing today on a lawsuit that seeks to invalidate the election and require a new vote in November.
The lawsuit's contentions certainly received a boost with the discovery of the 93 extra ballots in the "archives" of King County Election Director Dean Logan. The response was immediate. Six council members, all Republicans, signed a letter asking U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to investigate the election. Democrats called for an outside audit of Mr. Logan's office and expressed anger that they had only learned about the magical ballots in the press. Council Chairman Larry Phillips, a Democrat, told reporters it would be "premature" for him to call for Mr. Logan's resignation. Bob Ferguson, another Democratic council member, accused Mr. Logan of badly misjudging how to handle the bombshell news.
I'm not sure how WA democrats can come out of this looking good. Either they are seen as incompetent, or corrupt, neither one is very promising politically.


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