Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Voinavich- No Comment

Republican Senator George Voinavich of Ohio shocked republicans when he joined democrats and decided not to send the Bolton nomination to the rest of the Senate for a final vote. Apparently, he did so because of a few, unsubstantiated hearsay accusations that surfaced last minute. All it took was an hour of whining from democrats in one committee meeting that made him fold like a wet noodle. Keep in mind that he failed to attend the other two hearings.

There are also reports that Voinavich switched his vote behind the other Rebublicans' backs, catching them by surprise when the vote finally came.

I called Voinavich's office today to see if they were planning on issuing any press release, explaining his actions. They told me that they had not issued such a release and that they were not planning to. How convenient, stab republicans in the back and then plead the fifth.

I strongly urge everyone to call his office and voice their disapproval of Voinavich's actions:
(202) 224-3353.

Here's more on the Bolton nomination.

Here's even more.


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