Wednesday, April 13, 2005

NYTimes Op/Eds

Thomas Friedman has an interesting piece, explaining how America has been kept safe because of GWB's policy of taking the fight to the terrorists. The best line:
It is not only that the Bush administration has taken the fight to the enemy, but that the enemy has welcomed that fight.
Funny how this completely contradicts this NYTimes op/ed :
We do not need to hear further justification of his invasion of Iraq. It seems clear to us that the whole war is a mistake, a detour from hunting down terrorists that was undertaken on the basis of wrong information and is likely in the end to do far more harm than good when it comes to ending fanaticism in the Middle East.
Nicholas Kristof explains that the media needs to restore it's credibility, and has a few good ideas that might help. He even uses the D word and uses it to mean diversity of opinion, which is the most important type:
...our failure to hire more red state evangelicals limits our understanding of and ability to cover America today.
Kristof does ignore completely the actual cases of falsified reporting and/or collusion with totalitarian regimes that prompts people to question their news, but all in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the recent op/ed pages.


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