Monday, April 11, 2005

Yes to scandal, moral bankruptcy and incompetence!

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U. N. Ambassador nominee John Bolton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations committee today. Code Pink, a liberal activist group decided to make themselves look like idiots and disrupt the proceeding. Fine, if you don't like Bolton, that's ok, but what's the deal with the whole "Yes U.N." part of the sign? You think they would just propose a different person for the job, like "Yes to J. Reno" or "Yes to Kuccinich."

I mean, these people probably spent hours planning this whole thing out to get into the proceedings and make sure they get in front of the camera and this is the very best they can come up with? No catchy phrase? No snide remark? They're not even complete sentences for that matter!

They could have at least recycled some of their oldies but goodies like:
"Hey hey, ho ho, John Boltons gotta go!"

and don't forget:
"Where here, were Code Pink, and we don't like John Bolton."

Here's a link to the Code Pink website describing the protest with a few pictures. They even have a second sign with the slogan "Dimplomat For Hire, No Bully Please!!" Yes I know, it's equally as lame.


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