Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More UN Fun

Here's three posts in one!
opinionjournal exposes the true liberal feelings for the UN.
The Washington Post's Dana Milbank gives the game away, though:
"Most Republicans skipped the hearing, leaving Democrats largely unchallenged as they assailed Bolton's knack for making enemies and disparaging the very organization he would serve."
That would be the U.N.--but of course the American ambassador to the U.N. is supposed to serve America, not the U.N.

Imao has a pretty funny (and accurate) T'shirt for sale. Top-ten UN slogans.

And islam-online had the same article cited in the previous post. With two very interesting differences.
The French Organization against Islamophobia (CCIF)... listed a considerable number of internet sites spreading anti-Muslim propaganda.
Apparently, these Frenchmen don't realize that propoganda comes from governments, the opinions on the websites come from citizens.
“Too many people see Islam as a monolith and as intrinsically opposed to the West,” [Kofi Anan]said. “Caricature remains widespread and the gulf of ignorance is dangerously deep.”

Too bad Kofi didn't mention these caricatures. (or this one)


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