Thursday, April 21, 2005

Who is the Pope?

No this post isn't going to reveal some damaging report from the Pope's youth... while...actually, I guess it is.
From BOTW, students at a school where Ratzinger, taught before they were born are revealing all sorts of things:
"It's going to be interesting to see what he does," said Thomas Burchard, a 20-year-old Protestant studying for the ministry. "He's very conservative and, like the Catholic Church, he goes against what the Bible says."
Whoa... somebody stop the presses. The Pope agrees with Catholic doctrine. But it turns out imao already knew that:
All the (generated) controversy over Pope Benedict XVI is that he's a hardliner against abortion, against euthanasia, against ordaining women, against homosexual activity, and against priests marrying. In other words, THE POPE IS CATHOLIC!!!
It's a little late to warn us now!

Luckily, imao redeems itself by offering some good'ole tolerant choices for the next available papacy.
More on the Pope being Catholic...


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