Friday, July 22, 2005

"Oh, Canada?"

Talk about PC overkill. Yesterday, Toronto officials forced Miss Universe, who is Canada's own Natalie Glebova to take off her sash in order to comly with an anti-sexual stereotyping law. Miss Universe was to open a festival in Toronto wearing her full Miss Universe regalia when the PC police showed up:

[C]ity employees invoked a regulation against activities which degrade men and women through sexual stereotypes or exploit their bodies to attract attention.
Bowing to the local law, the 23 year old blue-eyed brunette was made to remove her Miss Universe sash, though not without complaint.

This report shows it was even worse:

City officials told the Tastes of Thailand festival organizers that 23-year-old Natalie Glebova could only appear if she was not introduced as Miss Universe and if she did not wear her tiara and sash.

Toronto Mayor David Miller has since apologized for the whole incident.

hat-tip Chrenkoff


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