Friday, July 15, 2005

The Plame Game

The democratic feeding frenzy on Karl Rove has actually turned quite comical over the past few days. The left's pure disdain and hatred for Rove is driving them further into the depths of moonbattery.

To date, all the evidence shows that Rove has not violated any laws, nor did he actively seek to leak Plame's identity. All the evidence shows that Rove was informed of Plame's identity through a reporter.

I get the feeling that the Left is putting all their hopes and dreams into this Rove/Plame "scandal" and will ultimately end up dissapointed.

Simply put, here are the reasons why Rove will not be charged with a crime, nor Fired by Bush:

1) There is no evidence Rove intentionally revealed Plame as a covert agent. In fact, all the evidence shows that the when Novak and Cooper talked with Rove, they pulled the old bait and switch, initially talking about one topic, and then switching to the whole Wilson allegations later. All Rove did was say hey, you shouldn't put too much stock in what this Wilson guy is saying, which turned out to be true (see 3). In addition, it was a reporter that leaked to Rove, not the other way around. On top of it, what greater evidence is there that Rove didn't break a law, when Dems are currently in the act of passing a NEW law to catch him.

2) There is serious doubt as to whether Plame was a covert agent. This is because many reporters have stated that they knew she worked at the agency, a former supervisor has stated that she wasn't covert, and under the statutory definition, she had not been on a foreign mission during the past five years. Even Wilson himself has admitted she wasn't covert. Of course, how covert can one really be when their spouse is a diplomat, and they drive to Langley everday to sit at a desk at CIA headquarters. Taking a photo shoot in Vanity Fair sure doesn't help either.

3) Wilson has zero credibility. He has been wrong about nearly everything. He first claimed that Chenney sent him to Niger. This was dead wrong, the 911 commission found that it was the Agency, following the proddings of his wife who sent him to niger, despite his repeated denials that his wife had no involement and that no nepotism was involved. He also claimed that the top administration officials had seen his report and ignored it in order to make the case for war. The fact, however, is that no one of significance even saw his report until months after Bush made is yellow-cake Niger comments. Wilson's report was shoddy and based on "thin" evidence, despite his claims that it was exhaustive. Wilson's own report supports the conclusion that Niger was involved with yellow-cake, despite his claims that his report proved there was no connection.

In short, Wilson lied about who sent him to Niger. He lied about the significance and thoroughness of his report. When he returned, he lied about the very contents of the report.

Apparently, for the dems, we shouldn't let little inconvenient things like facts get in the way.

The real mystery is who was Judith Miller's leak. Is she staunchly protecting Karl Rove, despite the fact he has signed waivers and is already implicated? I doubt it. There is speculation that in fact, she is protecting 1) herself, assuming she was the one that discover Plame's identity and leaked it to other reporters, 2) Wilson, who was so desparately trying to trump himself up and make himself look credible it could have been easy to say, "Ya, the administration has read my report, my wife is in the Agency and had verified that they got it."

J-Pod is right when he calls this the "hey, big woop" story of the year.


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