Friday, July 08, 2005

7/7 Round-Up

Here's a few interesting articles related to the London bombings.

Michelle Malkin notes that London has become somewhat of a terrorist safe-haven over the past few years because of a lack of extradition treaties. From the UK Mirror:

"For many years prior to September 11, politicians maintained that Britain must not be allowed to become a haven for international terrorists. But it has and, arguably, still is. More than half a dozen governments have filed diplomatic protests with the Foreign Office about the presence of such groups. "

The Wall Street Journal reports that "British police have asked their European counterparts for information on a Moroccan man, Mohamed Guerbouzi, in relation to the terrorist attacks in London yesterday, a Brussels-based European police official said. Mr. Guerbouzi has been under investigation in Britain in connection with two previous attacks, a 2003 suicide bombing in Morocco and last year's attack in Madrid. He has been living in Britain for about a decade, the police official said. "

Malkin points to another UK Mirror article that reveals that Guerbouzi has been living a comfortable life in London "despite being accused of playing a key role in the Madrid atrocity, as well as a dozen suicide bombings in Casablanca last May which left 33 dead."

Homeland Security Blog, is claiming to have a scoop that one of the suspected bombers is in fact a recently released Guantanamo detainee:

7 July 2005; 12:54 ET: Preliminary reports from a source inside the Pentagon indicate that one of the operatives involved in this morning's bombings in London was recently released from the prison at Guantanamo.

UPDATED 10:35 PM ET: A clarification was made by the source providing this information, noting that "one of the bombers who is believed to be involved in this attack was recently released from the prison at Guantanamo, Cuba." The source did not elaborate about how the suspect was reportedly identified so early, although suggested he was onboard bus 30 that exploded outside of the British Medical Association at 9:47 local time. We are continuing our investigation.

If this does turn out to be true, I wonder how the whole "shut down gitmo" crowd will respond.


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