Thursday, June 23, 2005


From the AP:
"The battle was one of the deadliest since the Taliban's ouster more than three years ago and was sure to add to growing anxiety that an Iraq-style conflict is developing here."
So what makes this like Iraq?
Is it this...
"Their camps were decimated. Bodies lay everywhere. Heavy machine guns and AK-47s were scattered alongside blankets, kettles and food," he told The Associated Press. "Some of the Taliban were also killed in caves where they were hiding and U.S. helicopters came and pounded them."
...or this...
"About 390 suspected insurgents have been reported killed since rebel attacks began increasing in March, after snows melted on mountain tracks used by the rebels. In the same time, 29 U.S. troops, 38 Afghan police and soldiers and 125 civilians have been killed."

I can't see much reason for "growing anxiety" since 390 murderers are done murdering. More than two times as many insurgents have died compared to alliance and civilian deaths.


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