Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday Morning Bloggy Goodness

Well, Democrats in St. Louis have been convicted of attempted murder and election fraud.

They've also resorted to using racial slurs in discussing whether residents could fly the flag.

The Mexican government issued overtly racist postage stamps while America is largely silent.
Bill Quick responds: "The open and unabashed racism and bigotry practiced by many countries and cultures in the world today goes entirely unacknowledged by the American race-baiting establishment, which is far more concerned with ferreting out imaginary offenses in what is one of the least racist nations in the world." (Believe it or not, some people think that racism is a purely American creation, that we've exported to the rest of the world. In reality, those who have lived in other nations realize that racism persists on a much stronger level in other societies-ed.)

Meanwhile, Michele Malkin argues that the left's sensitivity training is creating a nation of namby-pambies:

The left-wing Kumbaya crowd is quietly grooming a generation of pushovers in the public schools. At a time of war, when young Americans should be educated about this nation's resilience and steely resolve, educators are indoctrinating students with saccharine-sticky lessons on "non-violent conflict resolution" and "promoting constructive dialogues."
Peaceniks are covering our kids from head to toe in emotional bubble wrap. They are creating a nation of namby-pambys.

And get this, a former hostage held in Iraq has hired bounty-hunters to pick off his captors "one by one."


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