Tuesday, September 27, 2005

All the world's a stage, but some are just better actors

Let's see if you can figure out what's going on in the picture. The left would have you believe that McBush Hitler couldn't bare to listen to the grieving mother Shehan any more and ordered his brown shirt gustapo to remove her. Typical of the free speech hating republican's right? In fact, as she was carried off by the police, all her fellow protestors chanted "The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching!" Of course, she is smiling in the photo, so what is going on?

The above example is a typical leftist tactic of staging "shutdowns." The idea is to hold a protest to mouth off about how bad Bush is. Then, you intentionally break certain rules in order to get the police to publically shut you down. This of course, makes it look as if the police are shutting you down because of what you are saying, not because you broke some small violation.

In fact it is quit pathetic. The Left so much hopes and wants the US to be portrayed as some totalitarian state that they are willing to go to great lengths to create the appearance a Nazi Germany or Berlin.

In the above, example what really happened is that the protesters were well aware that they were not allowed to remain still on the sidewalk direclty in front of the white house. knowing this, Shehan and her group of "professional protestors" sat down and waited for the Secret Service to show up, which of course they did.

A similar event occured about a week ago. This time Sheehan and the short bus of retarded protestors where in New York. It turns out the organizer knew well in advance that a permit was required to use a microphone, but decided to hold the protest without one anyways. As expected, as Shehan was riling up the Kook-Aid drinkers, the NYPD comes in and unplugs the microphone and arrests the organizer, leading the crowd to chant "Shame, shame, shame." Sheehan even claims she was roughed up by the police.

It turns out that this weekend, the Dems had plenty more of these staged "shutdowns" planned. Their plan was to basically drain local police resources for the entire weekend by doing what they call "nonviolent direct action." The event's main co-sponsor, the far left-wing group United for Peace and Justice, has organized a bunch of "affinity groups" who will try and get themselves arrested. They've even expressed "solidarity" with radical activists who plan to "disrupt the city's traffic or commerce."


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