Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Morning Bloggy Goodness

Here's a short round-up of this morning's blogworthy events.

You ask, what's Sen .Joe Biden doing when he's not criticizing the war in Iraq? He's making suprise visits to the country and getting photo ops of his purple-stained finger.

The guys at powerline are bashing The New York Times for having the audacity to "be the arbiter of what will and will not help the terrorists and thus impair our national security" by choosing to publish the "eavesdropping" story. They argue that under the Plame precedent, these leaking intelligence officials should be investigated.

John Kerry "jokes" that if the dems win the house, they can then impeach the President. I know, they only say he was joking, but I was listening to Air America this morning and immediatly after criticizing republicans for getting riled up about this "joke" they then say that of course he should be impeached.

Gregg Gutfeld riles things up over at the Huffington Post, noting that Santa is just an old fat white guy.

Unfortunately, Iraq security forces actually caught, and then accidentally released Al-Queda in Iraq leader, Al Zarqawi.

And of course, Victor Davis Hanson offers his valuable insight on the Iraqi elections.


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