Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lowdogg joins up

This post is to welcome Lowdogg to RWP. (It's a belated welcome, since he took no time at all to make his first post. He also got a comment on his first post...but I'm not jealous!)
Here's a fun fact about Lowdogg: Lowdogg isn't his real name. He's a cuban patriot (meaning his ancestry is cuban and he's an American patriot) who hails from the sunny, occasionally soggy state of Florida. If he were a pig, and spoke latin, he might introduce himself as Ojay Owerylay.
Lowdogg and I lived on the same floor freshman year, and I remember spending time sitting in the back of his SUV (the trunk) being driven around. Interestingly, for the next few years of school, I sat in the trunk of J-red's SUV as he gave rides.
What can we all learn from this? That the Bear really needed to get a car.
Anyway, Ojay should bring an interesting perspective to the blog, not to mention filling the gaps that J-red and I occasionally leave.

I forgot to mention, Ojay has a website
I'll add the link to the sidebar when I remember how.


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