Friday, November 18, 2005

Politics as Usual

In my opinion, this evening's house vote on the resolution to bring troops home immediately is brilliant. If democrats are going to cater to the "bring our troops home" crowd, then they should at least put their money where there mouth is and vote on it. I realize that it is a pure political stunt, but it gets democrats back for their own recent stunts, ie. shutting down the Senate. I still wonder why politicians still get surprised, or at least act like it when the other side pulls these maneuvers.

I commend the House republicans for this one. I don't think the Senate repubs could have pulled it off. Frist looks a little spineless as of late and is getting jerked around by Harry Reid. When the dems shut down the Senate a few weeks ago, I think it scored points in the dem's favor. While Harry Reid had help from the media to get out his phony "the white house lied us into war" message, Frist was caught like a deer in headlights, muttering something about senatorial decorum and civility. Point Dems. Now it's payback.


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