Monday, November 14, 2005

Does Jordan Still Support Suicide Bombings?

A few months ago, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll on certain nations' support for terrorism. Alot of the nations expressed disagreement with Al-queda and its tactics, however a number of countries actually supported it.

It turns out that Jordan was actually one of these countries. The poll showed that more than half of the muslim population in Jordan actually supported the targeting of westerns in Iraq through the use of suicide bombs. In fact, a whopping 65% of the muslim population in Jordan said that they could support it. On the brightside, it is down from its previous high of 88%. A also noticed that 53% of the muslim population felt that Islamic extremism posed "no threat," to them.

I'm curious what, if any this number has changed since the recent bombings in Jordan. It is troubling to note, however, that Jordan is adamant in pointing out the suicide bombers were not Jordanian, but Iraqi. This is because the leader of Al-queda in Iraq is actually, Jordanian.


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