Monday, November 14, 2005

Spinning Senator

Senator Jay Rockefeller had an interview with Chris Wallace the other morning and was spinning like a top. For those who don't remember, years ago, Rockefeller, after looking at the evidence came to the conclusion that Iraq was a threat and authorized the use of force--he even came to a much stronger conclusion than the President and said the threat posed was "imminent." Now, Rockefeller's new story line is the old "Bush Lied" mantra. That he has the audicity to claim Bush lied, when he, after viewing nearly identical evidence came to the same, if not stronger conclusion is troubling.

Fortunately for the American public, the President slammed the Democtrats for their rewriting of history. Since the President's speech, the media is actually starting to ask these double talkers some serious questions.

I highly recommend reading portions of the interview here. Rockefeller's inability to answer the most obvious and basic of questions is quite amusing.


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