Saturday, October 01, 2005

What You're Not Hearing About Judith Miller

Well, after watching the MSM news coverage of the whole Judith Miller/Plame leak thing I must sadly admit that the news nowadays is virtually worthless. The cable news programs are just concerned about talking heads, sound-bytes and missing persons. When a big story does break they just rehash vague details you've already known for the past five hours.

This was evident last night when I watched the biggest windbag of them all, Chris Mathews. Here's the gist of the Miller/Plame story he covered last night: "Scooter Libby finally decided to sign a waiver, allowing Miller to testify in front of the Grand Jury. Miller then revealed that Scooter was her source. Are indictments now coming? How dare Scooter refrain from giving his waiver earlier, forcing Miller to remain in jail?" And of course he invites Miller's attorney on to talk about how bad it was for Scooter not to give the waiver earlier.

Now for a reality check. If the MSM had done their job, they would have realized that Scooter had already given Miller his waiver one year ago. As far as scooter was concerned, he thought Plame was going to jail to protect someone else. Then when another waiver is given, she waits 11 more days before she actually leaves jail. Of course one asks, why didn't Miller's attorney just press Scooter for another waiver along time ago if that is all it took.

If you want to know why Miller was in jail and who she was really protecting you have to see what the deal was. Miller's attorney talked to the prosecutor and agreed that she would only be aksed questions regarding Scooter, and no other source. This would only be a beneficial condition for Miller if there were other sources of the leak (ie. other reporters, Joe Wilson).

In short, the MSM only cares about the hype and the fluff. Just look at the Delay and Frist nonsense, and if that doesn't satisfy you, consider how the MSM reported on Hurricane Katrina.

If you want to read more on this angle of the Plame issue, be sure to read Powerline's analysis here. As usual, they give you ten times the amount of relevant facts and analysis as MSM site.


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