Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crazy old Lady

From the Drudgereport, apparently President Bush avoided calling on reporter turned liberal hack Helen Thomas. And with good reason, judging from her childish questions.
"I wanted to ask about Iraq: 'You said you didn't go in for oil or for Israel or for WMDs. so why did you go in?' "
She also had another question at the ready, just in case, this one about the president's contention that a 28-year-old wiretapping law known as FISA is out of date, which prompted him to order the National Security Agency to conduct a secret electronic surveillance program that Democrats contend is illegal. "You keep saying it's a 1978 law, but the Constitution 200 years old. Is that out of date, too?"

No Helen, the constitution isn't out of date, you are.


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