Thursday, January 19, 2006

Don't Fall For the "Truce"

Yes, I did put scare quotes in the title. Anyways, the very notion that Al-queda will somehow live up to any truce is comical. The very fact they are offering one now reveals that they are in dire need to actually regroup and recordinate. Letting off would be a huge strategic blunder. Giving Al-Queda a chance to regroup would be akin to letting Hitler regroup before D-day.

Some of you might remember that Al-queda offered a similar truce back in 2004, however, it was only extended to Europe at that time. Human Events Online sums it up nicely:

"The train bombings in Madrid on March 11, 2004, killed 191. Three days later, Spaniards voted out the pro-war government and voted in the anti-war Socialists. The incoming prime minister vowed to promptly pull out Spanish troops from Iraq. Spain's reward? On April 2, 2004, Spanish authorities found a 22-pound bomb on a railway track between Madrid and Seville. And, later that year, in October, Spanish authorities foiled a plot to blow up their National Court, Spain's center for prosecuting terrorists. So much for Osama bin Laden's "offer," made a month after the Madrid train bombings, for a "truce" to any European country that stops "attacking Muslims" before a three-month deadline."

Anyone who actually believes that Al-queda will live up to a truce that will protect this country is delusional.

Simply put, we cannot afford to make a deal with the devil. And I mean that quite literally.

On a side note, after reading the Bin Laden transcript, I'm left to ask, does the DNC mail him the talking points or is it purely coincidental?


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