Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boehner wins...

The Republican Caucus has elected Rep. John Boehner of Ohio as House Majority Leader. Although he was not my top choice, I am more comfortable with him than Blunt. He doesn't have a history of earmarking like Blunt, a promising indicator.

The DeLay indictment, rather than being a setback for the party, was actually an opportunity to clean house. I know that the blogosphere has made its presence felt over the weeks of this campaign. I think it is clear that conservatives want Representatives that think of Government budgets as a stewardship over OUR money.

Voters may not have paid attention to the election of House Majority Leader, but actions like this will make a difference come election day. It won't be because voters will say, "The Republicans selected Boehner and he was for reform." It will be because the efforts of the party will better reflect the ideals that make conservatism what it is.


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