Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fighting Back

I share Bear & J-Red's frustrations over the Cheney mishap and MSM cowardice in the wake of these nonsensical protests over cartoons. I thought I'd spice things up with this cheerful bit of news:

Gotham has been attacked by Al Qaeda and Batman sets out to defend the city he loves.

That's right, the Dark Knight takes on Osama Bin Laden. The author of this graphic novel, called Holy Terror, Batman!, is none other than Frank Miller. Miller is known for his dark portrayals of Batman that influenced last year's hit Batman Begins, as well as his work as author of the very graphic Sin City. Why is Miller getting involved in the War on Terror (after a fashion)? He explains:

Miller doesn't hold back on the true purpose of the book, calling it "a piece of propoganda," where 'Batman kicks al Qaeda's ass. "The reason for this work, Miller said, was "an explosion from my gut reaction of what's happening now." He can't stand entertainers who lack the moxie of their '40s counterparts who stood up to Hitler. Holy Terror is "a reminder to people who seem to have forgotten who we're up against." It's been a long time since heroes were used in comics as pure propaganda. As Miller reminded, "Superman punched out Hitler. So did Captain America. That's one of the things they're there for.""These are our folk heroes," Miller said. "It just seems silly to chase around the Riddler when you've got Al Qaeda out there."

I like it.


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