Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VP's hunting skills

From all the news about Cheny's hunting accident, the real story is what a bunch of self-absorbed idiots the press are. But I geuss thats not really news, is it.

NBC's David Gregory flipped out at Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary. Here's the exchange:

Gregory asked White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan about the Cheney hunting accident.
'David, hold on, the cameras aren't on right now,' McClellan replied. 'You can do this later.'
'Don't accuse me of trying to pose to the cameras,' Gregory said, voice rising. 'Don't be a jerk to me personally when I'm asking you a serious question.'
'You don't have to yell,' McClellan said.

'I will yell,' said Gregory, pointing a finger at McCellan at his dais. 'If you want to use that podium to try to take shots at me personally,
which I don't appreciate, then I will raise my voice, because that's wrong.'
'Calm down, Dave, calm down,' said McClellan.
'I'll calm down when I feel like calming down,' Gregory said.
'You answer the question.'
'I have answered the question,' said McClellan, who had maintained that the vice president's office was in charge of getting the information out and worked with the ranch owner to do that.
'I'm sorry you're getting all riled up about.'
'I am riled up,' Gregory said, 'because you're not answering the question.'

Now, who's the jerk?

David's real problem with this case? He didn't get to hear about it first.
"Let's just be clear here," Gregory said. "The vice president of the United States accidentally shoots a man, and he feels that it's appropriate for a ranch owner who witnessed this to tell the local Corpus Christi newspaper and not the White House press corps at large or notify the public in a national way?"
What was the point of his working so hard to get to the Press Corps, if he can get scooped by a South Texas Newspaper!?


At 11:44 AM, Blogger kevin said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I am sick of the press...I don't understand why, when they got to their position by sleeping with some top news exec, they believe they have some all-inclusive right to be told of private matters. For a group who have criticized the Bush administration for the wire tapping...they sure do a fair share of their own privacy infringement. What's next...will the press corp be crying murder because no one told them Dick Cheney got up for a midnight snack. Get a life press!!!


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