Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What are these odd, curiously spiraled finger foods?

Here's one more reason you don't want Nancy Pelosi to serve as House Majority Leader-- She doesn't know what curly fries are:

"I had a hamburger last night and it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner," she said last week. "And I had these strange things. I realized they were French fries." She made quick spiraling gestures with her fingers to show what they looked like.
It was apparent that she was not familiar with curly fries.

This remark reminded me of how some people, whether it be from fame, politics, or wealth can often become detached from the rest of society. One of my law professors told me that when he clerked for a well-known federal court judge he mentioned to the judge that he had a "burrito" for lunch and the judge had never heard of one before. It was kind of scary to think that in a real sense, this judge on a daily basis has to make judgment calls on facts and law, and yet, had no clue what a burrito was.


At 12:42 PM, Blogger Lowdogg said...

Nice item. There's somthing to be said for someone that knows a good curly fry. I guess she is worth about $16 million (investment banker hubby). Not really in touch with the common man (or potato) either.


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