Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Crow tastes like...Chicken?

Well, it stinks to be wrong. If I have any excuse, it is that my predictions were based more on skepticism than hope, but wrong is wrong.

I meant to comment last night. I watched the results until about 12:30. It's been about ten years since I had reason to be as disappointed on election night, so I've tried to figure out exactly what I'm feeling about this. My thoughts:
  • Life will go on just as it has. A shift in power is far from the end of the world, as conservative ideals have often flourished when Republicans have been in the minority.
  • The War is a major concern. How will a Democratic-led house conduct the War? I heard Pelosi say something about "working together to find a solution to the Iraq War." This gave me pause. How about "a solution for the war" or "a solution to win the war?" I remain convinced that a pullout from Iraq would be a devastating defeat for the United States and our allies.
  • Republican control over the judiciary is greatly limited. It will be very difficult to get another Roberts or Alito on the court.
  • How will centrist Democrats like Webb and Casey legislate in Congress (if Webb is successful)? Will they follow a Lieberman approach?
  • Although it puts Republican Committee Chairmanships in jeopardy, the loss of someone like Lincoln Chafee is no loss at all.
  • I am already tired of Nancy Pelosi. She is an uninspiring speaker and will probably be an Uninspiring Speaker.
  • Republicans DID deserve to lose. Not so much that I would have skipped voting or voted Democrat, but this is a great opportunity for the party to remember 1994. That was a time when the party had exciting ideas and the drive to deliver on them. Today's Republicans have been a disgrace in terms of spending, failure to use their majority to work on Social Security, immigration, and abandonment of general conservative principals. Malfeasance was another major issue, and the party takes the blame for the misdeeds of the few. There's no reason to cry about it- that's the way it works.
  • This is not an embrace of liberal ideals. Arthur C. Brooks wrote an excellent piece in yesterday's WSJ where he discussed the continued march of the country to the right. This election is more about dissatisfaction with the way things are than a flight to the non-plans of the Dems.

I'll have more later.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Dennis Hastert an inspiring leader? COME ON...

Anyway, bro. I feel you. I felt SO DEPRESSED for like two weeks after the 2004 election.


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