Sunday, January 14, 2007

Debating the Surge

I haven't written much lately about politics, and I think it's because the scene is a pretty depressing one:
  • Republicans failed to rally support for key initiatives proposed by the President, such as Estate Tax Reform and Social Security Private Accounts. This left Republicans with Medicare Part D, a massive entitlement that conservatives are uncomfortable with. Now that the Republicans are out of power those plans are as good as dead.
  • Republicans have not shown that they've learned any lessons from their losses in the 2006 mid-terms. I got a fundraising plea from the GOP and I threw it away, not on a money issue but a principle one. I don't want to give money to a party that tried to re-elect faux Republican Lincoln Chafee but that won't get unified on budget reform.
  • Republicans are jumping like rats from the Iraq War, at a time when solutions are needed and grandstanding is most detrimental.

It all is crystalized by the President's speech on Wednesday night and the subsequent uproar. Michael Barone has two excellent posts, and if you didn't hear the speech this one will give you an idea of some of the President's main points.

His second post goes into greater depth on the partisan response to the speech and the president's plan to bolster security with a "troop surge." The Republicans that are now striking at the President on the war are being irresponsible and are in dereliction of their duty to the nation. The Democrats that are doing so are less irksome because they aren't doing anything I wouldn't expect them to.

It's a sorry situation, and there's more to say but I don't feel like saying it right now.


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