Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Sue Your Way to the White House Part IV

The RNC has issued a press-release, giving their predictions on the tactics that the Dems will employ to gain advantage in the election. You should read the whole thing, but here are excerpts.

The Democrats’ Election Day litigation strategy has three primary objectives:
Securing special rules and extensions for the benefit of Democrats in predominately Democrat precincts.
Eliminating traditional safeguards against voter fraud, including I.D. requirements and voting in precinct.
Creating a sense of chaos, with the hope of casting a shadow of doubt over Election Day.

  • As the polls open Democrats will prepare to file action to keep GOP poll monitors out of polls.
  • As soon as the courts open, Democrats will file suits alleging irregularities in the voting process.
  • By noon, we expect to see litigation challenging state I.D. and voting requirements.
  • In the early afternoon, Democrats will begin filing to keep the polls open.
  • Before the day is out, Democrats will begin to argue that every provisional ballot should be counted.
In each case, Democrats will seek out a last minute order from a friendly judge. These 11th hour challenges to longstanding state laws and statutes of bipartisan election legislation are attempts to change the rules in ways that would make it easier to engage in systematic vote fraud on Election Day.
If they are successful in keeping the polls open in Democrat precincts and eliminating traditional safeguards against voter fraud, Democrat lawyers will effectively and illegally give John Kerry the advantage.

It remains to be seen how accurate this prediction is, but here is something from south Dakota already. Apparently, Daschle has sued to stop voter "intimidation". Of course the judge was appointed by Daschle. http://www.argusleader.com/news/Tuesdayarticle1.shtml


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