Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dutch Court Decides not to Throw Bush in Slammer

Fortunately for President Bush, the Hague international court decided not to arrest President Bush when he visits the Netherlands on Saturday, despite the pleas of a dozen moonbats.

THE HAGUE (AFP) - A court in The Hague turned down a demand by a dozen plaintiffs who wanted to force the Dutch government to arrest US President George W. Bush when he visits the Netherlands Saturday, the judgement made public said.

The plaintiffs, mostly left-wing organisations and activists, accused Bush of "numerous grave violations of the Geneva Conventions". They also said the president is responsible for the deaths of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and Washington's refusal to recognize the International Criminal Court (ICC), the world's first permanent war crimes court.

The court said that the case was political and that the demands "could have far-reaching consequences for US-Dutch relations". -- Uh, you think?

Yet another reason we shouldn't recognize the International Criminal Court. And you thought it was bad when there were rumors the ICC would try to prosecute U.S. soldiers for war crimes.


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