Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Congressman Hard at Work

Jim Moran, my congressman, was on a left wing blog site the other day and gave an interview where he had a few classy things to say about the administration.

Here's an excerpt from the transcript discussing the President's Soc Sec Plan:

"The only actual news that he reads is the sports section. All the national news, all the opinions that he gets have been filtered, and it goes to his daily briefing that has already been pre-screened to give him what he wants to read. He doesn’t read any books, and he doesn’t talk with people that don’t already agree with him. He’s surrounded himself with ideological sycophants. And the biggest a**-kisser of all is Dick Cheney."

Moran now claims the quote was taken out of context, of course, its hard to see what context he could put it in that would make it acceptable.

Moran's got a spotty past and has made idiotic remarks before. This all doesn't matter northern Virginia liberals apparently.


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