Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why "DeLay" the Ethics Inquiries?

I'm sure many of you are aware of the democrats' efforts to take down Tom Delay with so-called ethics violations. Republicans, completetly aware that this was a witch hunt, changed the ethics commitee rules to make it more difficult to begin actual investigations by the committee. Obviously, democrats cried foul and for the past few months have been lampooing DeLay.

The only problem with their strategy, as DeLay has pointed out, is that he has done nothing that democrats haven't also done.

At first, dems were all over DeLay because it turned out that he had family members as paid staff. This just led the republicans to point out that there are plenty of democrats who hire family members as staff and pay them much more than what DeLay paid his family. Furthermore, DeLay even filled out all the proper forms, something the Dems failed to do.

Next, Dems attacked a few of DeLay's aides because they accepted travel money from a number of lobyists. Lo and behold, two democtratic congressman themselves have received travel funds from the same lobyists. Dems are now trying to rationalize their behavior after being exposed.

It now appears that the Dems' relentless attack on DeLay may be backfiring on them.

As things now stand, Dems' will have to be willing to take down a large number of their own in order to get at DeLay.


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