Monday, July 25, 2005

John Roberts, a side you haven't seen.

A columnist for the New York Sun has unnearthed a few internal memos John Roberts wrote during the 80's as he worked under Presiden Reagan. They demonstrate Robert's youthful zeal, and are quite cutting, often mocking members of the Suprem Court. Here's a few examples:

In one he takes on the idea that Supreme Court justices just work so very, very hard: "Whiel some of the tales of woe emanating from the court are enough to bring tears to one's eyes, it is true that only Supreme Court justices and schoolchildren are expected to and do take the entire summer off."

Another whitty quip: "The generally accepted notion that the court can only hear roughly 150 cases each term gives the same sense of reassurance asthe adjournment of the court in July, when we know the Constitution is safe for the summer."


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